It’s one of my favorite Paul Simon songs of all time, and the title kept jumping into my head as I cooked dinner tonight (chili for the next to last meal before Wiley heads back to college).

I’m about to begin my 15th year as a high school teacher. Absolutely mind-boggling to me, but it’s true. And for me, it’s definitely “something so right.”

How do I know? We’ve finished five days of meetings, talking about continuous improvement, comparison grades, strategies to review for the STAAR test, safety and security, and harassment. Ugh! We’ve had a convocation, and honestly that doesn’t do much to fire me up. Some teachers get charged by convocation; I don’t. Oh well. I’ve moved everything from my room completely across the building to new room and new hallway with new neighbors. I’ve got books put on shelves, some office supplies put away, and nothing on the walls yet.

I’m teaching a new course starting in 4 days, and as of tonight I have no lesson plans or scope and sequence finalized. I don’t know how many kids I’ll have, probably around 100 – 120. The new room presents some technology issues that I’m still trying to figure out. I’ve got a number of mandatory internet training videos that I have yet to watch.

In other words, I’m nowhere close to being ready to go.

But tonight as I was cooking, I felt the first twinge. What twinge is that, you ask? The first twinge of excitement. Who are these new kids? What are they like? Are they ready? How will they react to my classes? What tricks can I pull to get them fired up about Economics and the Theory of Knowledge? Who are the ones that will be my dependables? Who are the ones who will respond to my nudges?

I’m starting to get excited!

We’ve had conversations this summer about careers and pathways. We’ve had conversations about skills, abilities, and aptitudes. We’ve talked about passion, and also about finding pleasure in your work.

I still don’t really know a sure-fire way to find your path, to find your passion. But I know how to tell when you’ve found it – you’ll feel that tingle, that excitement, that sense of awe and anticipation. I can’t get used to something so right.

But I know I’ve found something so right.