Back in 2011, I was preparing to take a Fulbright trip to India where I would spend a month traveling, meeting, and learning. I wasn’t sure how best to keep in touch and to share with interested friends and family, and I decided to blog about the adventure. I got back from the trip and realized I had many more stories to tell and pictures and observations to share, and so I kept the blog up and running. Over time, I ran out of India stories and started to write about school, about current events, and about life as I saw it. I found out that I enjoyed the writing and that I was decent at it, and even though there weren’t many people reading it, it was a thrill to know somebody out there was reading what I wrote. I ended up writing over 1200 different posts, a few of them actually read by someone other than me!

Then, as it will, life got in the way. We were busy building a house, dealing with a first grandbaby, graduating our youngest from high school, helping our kids, and otherwise living life as full out as we could. Sometimes we won; sometimes life won; sometimes we wrestled to a draw. Bottom line, in May 2013 I wrote a post and haven’t written anything since then. I’ve written lots in my head. I’ve thought a lot about writing. I’ve had lots of ideas about things to write. I’ve wished I had written things down. But I didn’t.

So I’m about to try to reactivate my writing. Like so many things, life will get in the way unless you take charge of it. I’m going to try to reestablish a habit of writing. I’m not sure what direction to take this – I haven’t any significant events like a trip to India to be a focus. I have strong political and economic beliefs and opinions but I don’t want this to be a rant-filled space where arguments are engendered. I read a lot of interesting things everyday that are fun or otherwise worth sharing. I have a lot of peculiar and idiosyncratic observations on the weird world we live in. So I;m not really sure what’s going to come out of my fingers as I type. I only know I’m going to try to make it a habit to write regularly.

I’m not sure anybody still gets notices, so I’m going to put notices on Facebook (if I can figure out Facebook’s nuances these days.) Maybe I’ll actually start to use a Twitter account I’ve had and haven’t used for a while. Maybe I’ll just write for writing’s sake.

Anyway, rickysplace is back on the Web.