When I graduated from law school, we moved right to Houston where we immediately closed on the purchase of our first house. Since June 1982 I have owned the house I’ve lived in.

Not tonight.

As some of you are aware, we’re building a house. We bought a lot last March, began the actual construction process in January, and are obsessed and consumed by the house building process. Someday, I’ve got as few thousand stories to tell about that!

We got our house spruced up, painted rooms, planted flowers, hid furniture in a storage building, moved Kerry’s office, listened to our realtor’s stager, and did everything we could think of to get the house ready to sell. Our realtor (the incredibly awesome Roslyn Gauntt) kept telling us it was a good sellers’ market and we’d have no trouble. Our builder (who is also a realtor) kept telling us the house would sell.

Around Spring Break we started to get nervous, thinking it was time to sell. But the weekend weather was rainy, or it was Easter, or something else, and Roslyn kept saying to wait.

Finally our listing agreement was signed and the listing hit the realtors’ computers about 6 am on a Saturday. We went out on some “new house” errands, and came home to find a couple looking at the house about 10:30 that morning. They seemed a little interested but they left after about 45 minutes. I ate lunch and then went out to mow the yard. About 1:30 Kerry told me a contract was on its way.

So at 2:30 we had an offer. And not just an offer, but a great offer. We had a few things we needed to change and we let them know that we couldn’t move until June when the new house would (we hope) be ready. They said okay, and if we would sign IMMEDIATELY they would pay even more! Hmm, let me think.

So in less than a day, we had a full-price offer accepted and the house was sold.

The usual stress over inspections turned out to be no problem. The great stress about appraisals turned out to be no problem. In short, absolutely nothing went wrong.

And so today we signed the deed and our house now belongs to another couple. They didn’t really laugh when we asked them how to contact them if the plumbing broke. After all, they are the landlords!

I can’t really claim to be homeless – I have a partially finished home I just can’t live in yet. But for the first time in over thirty years, I’m living in a rental. The circle of life, eh?