I see it’s been over ten days since my last post. No particular reason for the break – we had company and family stuff going all through Christmas, not much travel, my first ever (but not for long) college football bowl game (way to go Rice!), and just general inertia. So I haven’t taken the time to come back to my computer and post anything or write down my thoughts.

As usual, I’ve saved a bunch of stories and links I found interesting throughout the past couple of weeks. One of the things I’ve discovered about blogging is that sometimes when you wait a bit before actually writing a post, it either loses its immediacy, you lose your zeal for whatever topic caught your mind, or you just simply can’t figure out why you saved the article or link in the first place.

So I’ll try to start clearing my backlog and get back in the habit. Happy New Year everyone; I hope your 2013 is great!