We’re about to start building a new house – a huge project that I’ll keep you up to date on. In the meantime, I saw this story today – maybe we need to put these in the new house?

A Japanese firm has developed a smart toilet that you can completely control from your phone.

The toilet uses Bluetooth to communicate with a smartphone app and all features including flushing, lifting the seat and sprays can be controlled, manufacturers claim.

For instance, users can lift the lid before they arrive and use the app to close the lid if they forget.

The smart toilet, which goes on sale in Japan in February, can also use the app to track user’s bowel movements to tracktheir health.

The app, which will be available for selected handsets, will work with three of the firm Lixil’s new range of lavatories, the ‘Daily Mail’ reported.

Using the My Satis Android app, toilet users will be able to control the Bluetooth-equipped bathroom fitting with their smartphone.

Users can record their own preferred settings, and evenplay back music through the toilet’s speakers.

The system also records each use to monitor both water and electricity bills.

It also has a health function which creates a diary for users to see how often they have used the toilet.