Confession time – a guilty pleasure of ours are the Eve Dallas series of books written by Nora Roberts under the pseudonym J.D.Robb. They are detective stories (Eve Dallas is New York City’s top homicide detective) set in the future – about 50 years from now. She’s married to the world’s richest man named Roarke. The stories are clever, filled with a lot of truly funny moments, and one thing we really like is that while the books have occasional racy scenes, the main characters are all completely monogamous and faithful to their partners. And the books at times are extremely funny, especially when Eve tries to explain some of her own peculiar logic. Here’s a funny passage I was asked to post:

Peabody [Eve’s partner] glanced over, squinted. “Didn’t you catch any of the trial on-screen?”
[Eve:]”I don’t watch that crap.”
“Well, you must have seen the blips in media reports, commentaries, editorials, and stuff.”
“I make it a point to avoid media reports, commentaries, editorials, and so on.”
“But sir, you’ve got to watch the news on-screen or read it.”
“Well. . .to keep abreast of current events.”
“Because, because.” Flustered, Peabody pushed back her uniform cap to scratch her head. “Because we live in the world.”
“Yes we do. There doesn’t seem to be anything we can do about it. Now tell me how watching news blips and the On Trial channel is going to make me a better person.”
“Just informed.” Peabody answered.
“Seems to me it’s only news for a few minutes. Then it’s old and they have to blast up something else that’s news. Vicious cycle if you ask me. I don’t get caught up in it because, by definition events that are current today are no longer current tomorrow. And before you know it, it’s tomorrow anyway. So you’ve just wasted all that time getting riled up about something that’s past its time when you wake up the next day.”
“My head hurts. I know there’s a major flaw in everything you just said, but it made my head hurt so I can’t think of it.”

Maybe if I’d followed Eve’s advice and ignored the news the last couple of months I would have been happier!