I need to find some 90 year old farmer who can tell me what it means for the weather this winter when we have a huge crop of acorns.

I have one oak tree in my front yard. One. It’s a live oak tree of decent size, well-trimmed and taken care of. But it is throwing down acorns like OU throwing down points on UT today.

Last Monday, only 5 days ago, I mowed and trimmed my yard. The acorns on my sidewalk and driveway were thick and didn’t look good, so I swept them up. For days they had been hurting my feet anytime I went outside barefoot. They were so heavy that it even hurt to walk on the grass because of all of the acorns in the grass. I would go out to get the newspapers at 5:30 in the morning and it sounded like a firing range as acorns fell and hit the ground continuously. So I swept them up and filled a trash sack so full it threatened to break due to the weight of the acorns. And I figured the worst of the acorn barrage was past me.


Today I went out and swept up the acorns that had fallen on my drive and sidewalk since Monday. Only five days worth. And only what fell on the sidewalk and drive – who knows how many lurk in the grass and the garden. I swept and collected and put them in a trash sack, and the ones in the cracks or that resisted my efforts at sweeping got blown off the drive by my leaf blower. I’m pretty sure what got blown into the street is roughly equal to what got swept up.

Curiosity got the better of me, so I took the sack inside to weigh it. Eleven pounds! Eleven pounds of acorns, just on the drive in five days. And more realistically, probably closer to twenty pounds when you consider all the acorns I blew out into the street.

Maybe I’ll make my Christmas candies with acorns this year instead of pecans? Acorn brittle, anyone?

I just hope this isn’t a sign of heavy snow and ice coming our way!