Jay Nordlinger, who writes for National Review Online, is a favorite of mine. Here is something he wrote last week:

Here’s a statement I wish Romney or Ryan would make, in one of the debates:

President Obama, Vice President Biden, and their allies are always talking about fairness and compassion. There’s nothing fair or compassionate about economic collapse. We are headed for it. We’re broke. We’re $16 trillion in debt. The budget deficit is over a trillion. And they will do nothing about it. They will do absolutely nothing. They will just sit and call us a bunch of plutocrats and ogres.

There is one ticket that will do something about this problem, and only one: the Romney-Ryan ticket. We’ll get the job done. Our opponents will say — again — we’re a bunch of heartless SOBs, running over urchins in our Rolls-Royces. Let them. We’re trying to save the country.

You think economic collapse is fair or compassionate? Ask the Greeks. It’s brutal. It’s miserable. It’s cruel. Men in business suits are pawing through garbage, looking for something to eat. We’ve got to prevent this.

Who is willing to do this job, and not just holler about fairness and compassion?