I last posted 5 days ago. I hate that!

I discovered over the past year that I really enjoy writing and sharing things via this blog. There aren’t a whole lot of you who stumble across it, but I’m aware of you and I really, really appreciate that you sometimes spend a minute of two looking at this stuff. And so it kills me when life gets too busy and I can’t seem to carve out the time necessary to put something together to post.

I still read all the usual news items everyday – I find stories that make me think of something to write about or that I want to share, and I save them in a tab to come back to. Right now my browser has 16 tabs of possible topics to write about. That doesn’t even take into account the other random things I think about that I would like to write about – like teaching, or my vacation (not so recent anymore), or my family and the things that are going on.


So what’s my problem? Let’s see – start of the school year, another year where I didn’t do the preparation work I should have and intended to over the summer, so I’m scrambling to find that elusive rhythm. Just tonight in the grocery store I ran into a former student (like always) and he asked how the year was going; I told him about the lack of rhythm, and he said “Don’t worry, you’ll get it.” I’m glad he’s sure about that! On top of that we have the usual issues about last year’s performance and reports about how I’ll make my students better this year, I’m teaching a course I’ve never taught before (PreCalculus A) so I’m barely staying one step ahead of the class, and my standby course, IB Economics, is using a new book and teaching on a new IB syllabus this year. So nothing is coming easy this go round.

And if that’s not enough, it’s my son’s senior year, with all that entails including our last year as marching band parents, college planning for him, my daughter is pregnant (hooray! but it takes energy to worry about her), and we’re planning to build a house this year. So we’ve had plans to review and revise and meetings with our builder and architect. Plus looking at houses to get ideas, checking on our lot, etc. etc. etc. I built a new patio last summer, and we (?) decided it was a perfect spot for a swing set. No little children at home, the youngest is 17, but I spent all this weekend building a swing set so the yard will look more inviting next spring as we try to sell this house. I worked all Saturday and Sunday afternoons and maybe got about 60% of the assembly done.

So if you are still willing to read these little things I write, stick with me. I’ll probably do like I’ve done before, find an hour or two, and bomb you with about a dozen posts at once. If you’re sending me comments or messages on Facebook and wondering why I ignore you, I really don’t. I’m just either too busy or too tired to answer. I’ll get to you soon, I promise!

So hang with me. I’m sure you’ll be hearing about the joys of watching my youngest child finish high school, another marching band season, the travails of building a house, a presidential election, and who knows what else might come along. For now I’m tired, and I’m outahere for now. Good night.