Today, my dear wife wrote this on her blog (Life in the Fifties):

Thank goodness there are alternatives and continue to be medical innovations improving the effectiveness of colon screening.

Colon screening saved my life. If you are due for this routine test, don’t put it off! (And say a prayer there are no polyps for me today so that maybe I can go TWO years before I need to do this again!)

The good news is she basically got her wish after her colonoscopy today – one teeny polyp removed, but she gets to change from yearly colonoscopies to every two years. Just a little over two years ago a colonoscopy discovered a malignancy in her colon, and we know that the discovery and surgery saved her life.

So friends, if you’re over 40 (yes, I said 40) and haven’t had one of these procedures ask your doctor about it and see if you need to schedule one. If you have ANY family history of colon cancer or polyps, ask your doctor about whether you need to schedule one. Be glad we still, at least for now, live in a time and place where medical innovation can still occur and we can get the procedures we need to detect these diseases and save lives. Become better informed about the changes in our medical system and help take steps to insure we don’t lose quality or quantity of our medical treatments.

People love to make jokes and complain about this particular procedure. I’ve had two – they aren’t that bad. And if they save your life, I promise you it’s worth it.