Here’s some info on how many people visited certain London area tourist attractions in 2011 (little arrows show changes from 2010). ives me some ideas if I ever get back to London!

Visitor attractions, London – number of visitors, 2011

Over 5 million visitors: British Museum, ↑National Gallery

2-5 million: Natural History Museum, ↓Tate Modern, Science Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, Tower of London

1-2 million: ↑Westminster Abbey, National Portrait Gallery, St Paul’s Cathedral, ↑Old Royal Naval College, ↓Tate Britain, British Library, Kew Gardens, London Zoo, ↑Houses of Parliament

500,000-1 million: ↓Imperial War Museum, ↓↓Royal Observatory Greenwich, National Maritime Museum, Hampton Court, ↓Horniman Museum and Gardens

200,000-500,000: Tower Bridge Exhibition, Museum of London, ↑Museum of Childhood, Cabinet War Rooms, RAF Museum, Army Museum, HMS Belfast, Monument, ↓Kensington Palace

100,000-200,000: ↑Museum in Docklands, Southwark Cathedral, ↑Stamford Bridge Tour, Kenwood House, ↑Ham House, Geffrye Museum

50,000-100,000: Fusiliers Museum, Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum, Household Cavalry Museum, Lauderdale House, Eltham Palace

20,000-50,000: Osterley Park House, Chislehurst Caves, ↓Down House, Apsley House, Wellington Arch, Cuming Museum, Old Operating Theatre, ↑Jewel Tower, Cartoon Museum, ↑Red House, Twickenham Stadium, Spitalfields City Farm, ↑Fenton House

10,000-20,000: ↓↓Handel House, Burgh House, ↓Chiswick House, ↑Kew Bridge Steam Museum, ↑Wesley’s Chapel, Sutton House, ↑2 Willow Road

5000-10000: Richmond Museum, ↑↑Kelmscott House, Carlyle’s House

1000-5000: ↑Barnet Museum, St Bartholomew’s Museum, Twickenham Museum, ↓↓Marble Hill House, ↑College of Arms, Wimbledon Museum

less than 1000: ↑Roman Bath, Little Holland House, ↓↓Rainham Hall, ↑↑Kneller Hall, ↓Carew Manor, ↓Carshalton House