One of those names that separates the young readers of my ramblings from the older. I never quite knew what to make of Phyllis Diller, who died a couple of days ago, but she was certainly a memorable character and had some very funny lines. And like with so many of us, you learn so much about someone after they die – I never knew she was a talented pianist, playing often with symphonies around the country.

I heard them talking about this recording on XM Radio’s Broadway channel on Saturday – this was recorded last January. I enjoy listening to it and hope you do too.

We are heartbroken to hear the news of the passing of the legendary Phyllis Diller. Thomas had the incredible opportunity to meet her the day after our New Year’s Eve concerts in Los Angeles this year. One month later he traveled to Los Angeles to Phyllis’ house and recorded Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile” in her living room. Here is that recording:

Polaroid photograph by Thomas Lauderdale in Phyllis Diller’s living room, January 2012.