the “Red” States? Study: Red states more charitable, but religion more a factor than wealth

The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s study released this week found the eight states with residents who gave the highest percentage of their income to charity in 2008 also voted that year for Republican presidential nominee John McCain. And the seven states in which residents donated the lowest percentage of their income that year voted for President Obama, based on 2008 IRS information.

It seems a recent study shows the so-called “Red States,” the Republican-voting states of the South, Central, and Western United States give more of their incomes to charity than do the “Blue States.” Gee, what a shock. Those greedy, capitalist, unfeeling, uncaring Republican, Christian, believers in limited government actually put their money where their mouths are and give to charity. Maybe we think if the government leaves us more of our money, we use it to help others by giving to churches and charities where there is more control over use of funds and more effective aid provided. What a radical idea.

And as the study dug a little deeper, they determined that the most influential factor seemed not to be political persuasion but religion.

Makes me proud to be a southern, conservative Christian.