Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy the Summer Olympics. I enjoy seeing athletes from other countries win sometimes even though I do shamelessly support the Americans. And there are some of the obscure sports that I enjoy getting a chance to see once in a while – sports like team handball, diving, track and field, and others.

But you know it’s time for the Olympics to end when we hit the “silly sports.” (If one of these is your favorite, just get over it and find a real sport to enjoy.) The other day I turned through all the various channels and had a choice of skeet shooting, synchronized swimming, and horses dancing to music. And then rhythmic gymnastics came on! Last night we saw the BMX finals. It’s like roller derby on little kids bicycles! First, who thought of putting this in the Olympics? Second, why would anyone do this? Third, how crazy are these people? It’s starting to get boring, so let’s just finish it off now, please.

Kerry said she heard on the radio or somewhere they were trying to come up with funny ways to combine two Olympic sports into a new one – I’ve got to admit I start thinking of ways to mix Tae Kwan Do with rhythmic gymnastics. Bring on the carnage!