My parents loved to go to Hawai’i (when did they add the apostrophe? it’s a pain to add in!). They went for the first time when I was in kindergarten; my grandparents stayed with us and I had root beer for the first time ever. We were supposed to go when I was in fourth grade for Christmas, but a medical problem made us cancel that trip. One advantage (and there are many) of being the youngest kid is you often get better vacations. My sisters got to go to Corpus Christi (in disguised work trips as my Daddy was buying grain in the Texas Valley), but starting in 8th grade I got to go to Hawai’i. My best attempt to recall is that I went with my parents 4 or 5 times. They kept going back, even after my mother had her stroke.

Neither parent was a swimmer, so I was sometimes unsure of their motivation. At best I can remember them getting wet up to their knees walking on a beach. Daddy’s style was to get a guided island tour and go, go, go. Not once do I remember just lying on the beach. I asked Daddy one time why they kept going to Hawaii given that they weren’t really beach people. He said he just liked to see it – he loved the scenery.

I’ve been three times since going with them, once right after the bar exam; again about 15 years ago with all four kids; and last week. We had some air miles, and offered Wiley, our youngest, his choice of vacation spots, and he chose Hawai’i. We planned a ten day trip, trying to build in some real down-time to rest on the beach without having to do some activity or sightsee every possible waking moment.

It was a huge success. Everything went smoothly. Our hotel was good. Our condo was better. We did things we’ve never done before. We went places we’d never been before. We did some old remembered activities. We sat on the beach for a whole day.

I’ve got a lot of stories I’d like to share from this vacation as well as a lot of pictures. There are also some thoughts comparing this trip to my trip last year to India that are rumbling around in my head that I want to try to articulate. So I’ll try to get around to those over the next few days and weeks. Hope you don’t mind! Meanwhile, here are a couple of pictures to whet your appetite!

The view from our Waikiki hotel room

Father and son on Waikiki

Like India, my camera in use at Diamond Head

The view from our Condo on Maui

My new favorite animal, the sea turtle

Bicycling down a volcano

A view on the road to Hana