From National Review ( know I’m a little late with this one – bear with me):

President Obama’s is getting a lot of attention for his quip that the private sector is doing fine amid weak growth and high unemployment. How odd is his diagnosis when Democrats themselves not long ago attacked George W. Bush’s “jobless recovery” of 5.4 percent unemployment and George H. W. Bush “it’s the economy stupid” of 3.4 percent GDP growth. Yet Obama’s problem was not just the absurdity of defining economic distress as too little borrowed federal money for insolvent states and municipalities, but his timing right after blue-state Wisconsin repudiated just that philosophy.

So we are in an interesting paradox: All empirical evidence points to the worldwide failure of the blue-state model (e.g., California, the southern Mediterranean, anti-Walker Wisconsin), and yet Barack Obama’s entire career, from community organizing, to the state legislature, to the Senate, was predicated on just such a protocol of public borrowing to provide expansive government entitlements and jobs in exchange for a loyal political constituency, with the debt, in redistributive fashion, to be serviced by wringing more revenue from the suspect private sector that is always doing “fine.”

One of our family’s favorite book series is David Weber’s Honor Harrington science fiction saga. In it, one of the planets has a huge population living on “the dole,” government assistance. As a result, they are constantly seeking other planets to conquer because they cannot produce enough to keep providing the assistance to their people, and they know the assistance is the only thing keeping them in power. Even science fiction writers understand economics and human behavior better than our politicians.