I’m reposting this since A: I forgot a title the first time, and B: the embedding now works.

My friend and colleague Kevin Seldon sent this to our faculty on Friday as we were shutting down for the school year. I hope you will watch.

I made this video (link below) for our students last year at Bedford and showed it to our kiddos this year when I discovered just how few of them had any idea what memorial day was about other than a sale at the mall or a weekend at the lake. Those of you who know me know that this subject is near and dear to my heart as I knew several fellow Marines who did not come home from either Iraq or Afghanistan and I did funeral detail for many others who gave it all. I told the kids that images are a good reminder because for a lot of people their reminder is a silent absence of a loved one who gave it all in the most horrific god awful way possible half-way across the globe. It’s also perhaps a sobering reminder for us as teachers as these young faces staring back in this video are only a few years removed from being those youngsters we had every day in class.