It’s campaign season here in Texas. Two races in particular have caught my attention. In both races one of the leading candidates has been advertising heavily, but nearly every ad I’ve seen, on TV, in the mail (hate those!), on the robocalls (really really hate those!) has been about the candidate and what they believe or what they intend to do or why I should vote for them. A second candidate in each of these races is advertising just as if not more heavily, but every ad is a negative ad about the first candidate. I cannot recall an ad of these two candidates in their respective races that has been about them, their beliefs, or why they deserve my vote.

Putting aside momentarily the truth or falseness of the claims made in their negative ads, and putting aside the fact that I know one of the candidates personally and I know him to be honorable, I have decided on the Ricky Rule which I will use in all future elections. The Ricky Rule states that if there is a significant imbalance in the campaign advertising of two candidates, where one candidate primarily relies on attack ads and the other candidate primarily relies on positive ads, I will vote for the positive candidate. Period.

Even if they aren’t the best match for my political views, I can vote for them without wanting to throw up.