Time for a personal note. I started writing this blog about ten months ago just before I went to India for a month. I enjoyed sharing pictures and stories from the trip, and I still have more to go before I finish all the India pictures and tales. And then I started adding stuff that caught my eye as I went about life and as I read the news stories that cross my computer during the day. But a reality that I deal with is that I teach three advanced high school classes – IB economics, AP statistics, and AP economics. Even though the workload of grading has dropped off somewhat, this is the testing time of year. My IB kids tested today and again tomorrow; my stats kids test tomorrow; and my AP econ kids test Thursday. So reviewing and worrying about these kids and their tests just flat wears me out. To put it simply, I’ve been worn out the last couple of weeks, and I just haven’t been able to write the things I want to. To make it worse, we bought some land and are trying to figure out what and when to build our dream house. I also grade IB exams, and should soon have about 150 exams from all over the world waiting for me to read them. Oh, there’s also a speech to write and deliver to our IB Celebration luncheon this Saturday.

So I apologize to my (few) loyal readers, and I promise to get back to writing very soon.

The bad news for you all – when I run across articles or stories I want to write about or post, I either save them in a browser tab or if I’m at school I send a link to my home email to get back to as soon as I can. A lot of them are no longer timely or relevant when I get around to using them, but a lot of them will make good posts. Right now I have 42 items to possibly write and post about. And that doesn’t include going back to my India pictures and finishing the series of those. So when I break through the logjam, it’s going to be a flood!

Bear with me – I’ll get back with he program soon, and I hope you’ll still visit and see what I come up with. I really appreciate all the people who have kept up with this indulgence of mine.