I love this series of articles – kinda like management advice for nerds. Like with many TV shows, we were years behind the curve on Star Trek – The Next Generation. We found it on an independent station, showing the syndicated episodes, and we gradually got used to it, then we loved it. I think it is my favorite of the different versions of Star Trek. And once you get used to him and figure him out, Patrick Stewart is amazing as Jean-Luc Picard.
Here are five leadership lessons from him. Let’s engage – in short:

1. Speak to People in the Language They Understand (Or, it’s okay to threaten a Klingon).
2. When You’re Overwhelmed, Ask for Help.
3. Always Value Ethical Actions Over Expedient Ones.
4. Challenge Your Team to Help Them Grow.
5. Don’t Play it Safe – Seize Opportunities in Front of You.

Here’s the intro:

“He’d ensure the safety of his ship and his crew
And then complete the mission
And make himself a better person
Bring peace to the galaxy
And do it for free
Oh yeah, that’s what Captain Picard would do.”

– from “What Would Captain Picard Do?” by Hank Green

Captain Jean-Luc Picard is the model of a great 24th Century Starfleet captain. On his watch, the crew of the Enterprise successfully defended humanity against the judgement of the Q-Continuum, defeated the Borg, prevented the Romulans from installing a puppet government in the Klingon Empire, and encountered countless new species.

Although Captain Picard’s style was very different from Captain Kirk’s, he was also an incredibly successful leader. Here are five lessons in leadership that can take away from Picard’s voyages as you take your organization on its journey to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Read the rest and the details on the five points here.