It was bad enough a couple of years ago when our elected representatives didn’t, hadn’t, and wouldn’t read the Obama health care bill before voting because it was too long. Now it seems the Supreme Court has the same problem:

“I haven’t read every word of that, I promise,” Justice Stephen Breyer said to a lawyer arguing the case Wednesday. “So what do you propose that we do other than spend a year reading all this?”

“What happened to the Eight Amendment?” Justice Antonin Scalia erupted after a lawyer suggested the justices might go through the bill and decide which parts were constitutional. The Eight Amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment, and Scalia clearly thought reading the entire law would qualify. “You really want us to go through these 2,700 pages?” he asked the lawyer. “And do you really expect the court to do that?”

My teenage son once read a 700 page harry Potter book in less than two days. Is it too much to ask for our legislators and judges to read the laws they pass or pass judgment on?