I love London, and I love riding the Tube when I’m there. One reason it’s so nice is that the Tube Map, a masterpiece of graphic design and graphic art, makes it easy to find your way around. Since London is hosting the Olympics this summer, they have renamed all the Tube stops and lines in honor of Olympic events (the lines) and heroes (the stops). I never had any problem riding the Central Line from Holborn to Marble Arch; I’m not sure about riding the Pool Events Line from Johnny Weismuller to Grant Hackett. It was one thing to decide to Tube it on the Piccadilly Line from Leicester Square to Knightsbridge to go to Harrod’s; it’s quite another to go from Lebron James to Steve Redgrave on the Rowing, Sailing and Canoeing Line. And what would Harry Potter think – King’s Cross Station is now Nadia Comeneci! Here’s the Olympic map: Olympic Legends Map Sample2