Daily wager’s hands chopped off over Rs 300 in Bihar

In times of high inflation, a sum of Rs 300 may be considered paltry. But physical mutilation was the price that Ram Sagar Chandravanshi, 20, had to pay for not being able to repay a debt of mere Rs 300. His hands were chopped off and he was dumped in an unconscious state. The incident happened in a village in Arwal district, barely 80 km south-west of Patna, some 10 days ago.
As he lay on the floor in the MN ward of the Patna medical college hospital (PMCH), Chandravanshi’s two bandaged hands bore testimony to the terrible tragedy he has suffered.
A daily-wage worker, Ram Sagar’s ordeal did not end with the maiming. When his family tried to lodge a FIR with the Kinjar police station in Arwal, it was not entertained, initially. A couple of days later, the FIR was registered, but action is still awaited.

300 Rupees is about $6 US using today’s exchange rate.