It’s been too long since I did a good India travel series, so in looking back at my pictures the next thing we did was take a day trip to Mamallapuram from Chennai. In my usual clueless way, all I knew was that Mamallapuram was about an hour south of Chennai (by the way, Chennai used to be known as Madras), and we were spending the afternoon at the beach. Taking off from our hotel, we passed some statues.
Leaving town, we got stopped by the police who probably only wanted a bribe, buut since we wouldn’t pay, they gave us a ticket for having too many people for our bus’s license.Finally I got my first look at the Indian Ocean.
Most of the drive was just a drive, but we did pass through a beach community. Some of the buildings lokked nice, but most were just a variation of the slums we saw all over the place, only these were on the beach.