Sorry for the interruption in my “Face of the Day” series. Life during the holidays was too busy for me to get enough time at the computer and get organized.

At the time we visited it, I posted a story about the Home of Hope. I also put up pictures of us playing “Bomb the Country” with these kids. This was one of the most memorable, touching, heartbreaking, and promising places we visited in our entire trip around India. Located near Kanchipuram and sponsored by Hope Foundation, this is an orphanage for children who either have AIDS or are HIV positive. Generally they were either abandoned by their parents when they became sick or their parents have died from the disease. What we were told is that the fathers become migrant workers, traveling to the big cities to work where they contract the disease from prostitutes there. When they come home, they pass the disease to their spouses and families. It is a tragic story. Home of Hope provides them with meals and medicine. They aren’t sure what to do and what will happen to these children as they reach adulthood. But as you will see over the next few weeks (I have a lot of pictures from here to share), these were the happiest, friendliest, most charming children we met. They laughed, played, ate, hugged, and enjoyed our visit more than anyone else I remember. If I close my eyes and try to remember India, these are some of the first images that come to my mind. If you’re looking for a charity that is worthy of your donations and consideration, I personally recommend this one to your consideration.

What follows for the next few weeks are the faces from the Arias Home of Hope.