I know it’s pretty standard, but it’s a breathtaking chorus. as a point of interest, I didn’t notice the trumpet or the timpani having any part until this chorus. When they begin their part, you definitely notice! From the program notes:

“To stand or not to stand?” Tradition has it that King George II rose to his feet during the Hallelujah Chorus at an early London performance, and since no one could remain seated while he stood, the audience also rose. It cannot be proven, however , that the king even attended one of these performances. . . . Then again, if he was in attendance, did he rise in awe or because of some physical discomfort? Whatever actually happened, audiences have risen at this point in the performance for centuries.

Having now attended a live performance, I don’t know how anyone could possibly remain seated. He shall reign forever and ever. King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.