This is the teacher at the school all these pictures were taken at.
She was a wonderful teacher with great control of the classroom, making use of anything and everything to make learning fun for these little ones. And for them, education is their best hope to escape from the extreme poverty they live in. Later she told us some of her story – she was widowed, and under their culture, her husband’s family inherited all of the property. She could live with her husband’s family, but she could not work or remarry. She was not treated very well by his family and was given almost none of the property she had with her husband. Finally she left and was trained by SUCHI as a teacher and is making a better life for herself. I can’t tell you how many stories like this we heard – we were in a state of constant amazement and distress at some of the things we heard. And we rejoiced when we heard stories of success like hers.