Back on October 14 I wrote about an Economic Analysis of the Attractiveness of Flight Attendants. It talked about a study suggesting attractive flight attendants (stewardesses at the time) were a form of non-price competition in a 1960s era of regulated airline pricing. And I commented on how the domestic Indian airlines were almost like a throwback to those days, with young, attractive, mostly female flight attendants. Like most posts of mine, a few people read it, and it was quickly forgotten.
I enjoy seeing how many people look at this blog – in the big wide world of blogging, it’s not that many , but I sure enjoy knowing that somebody else reads this stuff. The analysis you get from WordPress tells how many views, and it identifies how many views a certain post gets. Well, the flight attendant post was quickly forgotten until about October 23, and then in November something happened and it started getting as many as ten viewings a day. Since the first week of November, this post has been viewed an average of 4 to 5 times a day for about six weeks now. Again, 4 or 5 a day isn’t that many, but it’s really weird to me that this one story seems to keep on going and having people find it and read it.
I’ve tried figuring out what search terms might be finding this story or where these viewers are coming from. They must not be too impressed, because they don’t seem to stick around and read my other ramblings. But it is curious that an economic analysis of the attractiveness of flight attendants is one of my most popular stories. You just never know!