Some very interesting information about India’s population statistics.  Don’t be fooled by reports stressing how India’s population growth is slowing – the rate of increase is slowing, but its population still grew 17.6 %. The gap between India and China is narrowing, and some projections show India will be the world’s most populous country by 2025.

Provisional results from the 2011 census of India show a diminishing population, the lowest since independence in 1947. From 2001 to 2007, India’s population grew 17.6%, compared to a 20% to 25% growth rate in previous periods since the 1951 census. Even so, India is expected to virtually catch up with China in population by 2020, with United Nations forecasts showing a less than 1 million advantage for China. By 2025, the UN forecasts that India will lead China by more than 50 million people. Nonetheless, like many other developing nations, falling birth rates are substantially reducing population growth in India.

Other interesting things: India reports 51 cities with over 1 million in population. We visited 5 of those cities, including three in the top 6 – Delhi (over 20 million), Chennai (over 8.6 million), and Hyderabad (over 7.7 million). There are times I feel like it didn’t seem that crowded, and others where the size of the population was beyond imagination. I never really felt like I knew where I was in Delhi – we were generally in a fairly localized area, and it was hard to get and keep your bearings. It makes more sense knowing I was in a city of 20 million people, not merely the 12 million I thought it was. Here’s the link to the rest of the story.