A few random pictures – there was a gift shop inside the temple. Some of what they sold looked like offerings to the gods – plowers, fruit, and such, but there were also kids’ toys and souvenirs. A little different.
The innermost part of the temple was off limits to us – only Indians could enter that portion of the temple. So I can’t show you what was back there, but here’s the line of people waiting to enter the inner sanctum of the temple.
An important part of any Hindu temple is the central flagpole, used to signify when important festivals were being held.
There’s an idol of a pregnant Meenakshi that is rubbed with butter to help bring about a safe and healthy childbirth – note the pool of liquid butter underneath and the healthy baby that has been born.
And lest you forget (I never will) Meenakshi Temple is where this happened:
I think I’ll try to finish up my Meenakshi Temple posts with one more installment – views from the temple museum. Thanks for looking!