Meenakshi Temple is supposedly one of the largest temples in India. The complex is so large that you really can’t see the whole thing from up close. You could see one or two of the towers, and you were so overwhelmed with the detail of the painted statues and idols that you didn’t really grasp the size of it all.

After our tour, our guide offered to let us see a rooftop view of the complex. It was impressive, and of course the rooftop we could look from just happened to be the rooftop of a store selling rugs, jewelry and lots of other stuff. Here are some pictures from the store’s roof.

Michelle, we spent about a half day there, getting a guided tour. Because we were sort of visiting dignitaries, we often got guided tours led by some of the best guides available, so I’ve got a lot of good tidbits in my brain from the temple. And I took a LOT of pictures in the temple, so this series is going to have a lot of posts because I’d like to show you all what the inside of this temple was like. One trivia fact – about 15,000 people a day visit the temple, with about 25,000 visitors on Fridays. And to answer Kerry’s question, after research, I discovered they repair, restore, and repaint every twelve years or so, at which time they reconsecrate the temple. And last, here’s the temple at night, with the full moon rising over it (even when we were at the hotel’s rooftop bar, we were working!)