I started writing this blog before I went on my trip to India because I thought it would be the best way to keep my family up-to-speed on my travels, and it would be easier to share pictures as compared to email. Then other friends started reading it, and former students, then the rest of the Fulbrighters on the India trip. And you guys kept making encouraging comments. So I started to feel the pressure – I had to keep going because there were some people who seemed to be interested! And when I got back, I realized I had many more good pictures I would like to share, and I discovered writing about the trip was helping me process and understand it.
Then I started adding in occasional comments on news stories and economic things I was reading or thinking about, and even more surprising to me was that those posts seemed to attract more readers than the India writings.
And now I’ve written about 285 posts, and this sad excuse of a blog has been viewed 10,000 times. I find that astounding and amazing and also very humbling. Thank you all for reading this stuff of mine. I guess I’ll keep going.