Get me started and sometimes I just can’t help myself.

I like this: “Are You Smarter Than A Wall Street Occupier?”

This one gets a little technical on statistics and economic statistics: “5 Reasons Why Income Inequality is a Myth.” I like the last point discussing whether we are all really worse off than we used to be:

If you’ve lived through the past four decades, does it really seem like America is no better off today? It doesn’t to Jason Furman, the deputy director of Obama’s National Economic Council. Here is Furman back in 2006: “Remember when even upper-middle class families worried about staying on a long distance call for too long? When flying was an expensive luxury? When only a minority of the population had central air conditioning, dishwashers, and color televisions? When no one had DVD players, iPods, or digital cameras? And when most Americans owned a car that broke down frequently, guzzled fuel, spewed foul smelling pollution, and didn’t have any of the now virtually standard items like air conditioning or tape/CD players?”

No doubt the past few years have been terrible. But the past few decades have been pretty good—for everybody.