Mobile: Capable of moving or of being moved readily from place to place

Creche: 1. A public nursery, where the young children of poor women are cared for during the day, while their mothers are at work. 2. a day-care center for young children.

Among the many amazing organizations we visited in India was Mobile Creches. Their main mission is to operate

Creches and Daycare Centres to care for children at construction sites and slums of Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad (National Capital Region).

Training and Advocacy to involve communities, train childcare workers and make governments accountable.

The site we visited was in Gurgaon, near the Delhi Airport, where the women were working on construction sites. The main construction we saw was the building of multistory condominium buildings, selling for prices in the hundreds of thousands of US Dollars. Most of these women make only a few hundred rupees a day at best. Mobile Creches provides a place where they can leave their children in safety, knowing they will be looked after, fed, and educated. Small steps, but without the services of Mobile Creches these women might not be able to work, and their small salaries would not be available to help feed, clothe, and educate their children.